Experience. Analyses. Results.

Public Transport is in the middle of daily life:

  • Demand is as different as people are. Public Transport Services are an attempt to please a lot of them.
  • There is no service without infrastructure – but few want it in their backyard.
  • Funding requirements compete with other transport modes and other sectors.
  • The production of services is driven by technical issues, restricted capacities and various external factors.

I hold a wide range of positions in various sectors of transport systems – infrastructure and operations, planning and project management at commercial undertakings and public bodies, strategic and conceptual projects at a top management consultancy.

Thus, I developed an in-depth understanding for interactions in those complex systems, which is extremely helpful to define the right levers to achieve a target .

Based on individual analyses of your specific challenges and requirements, I offer the following services as an Independent Expert or as a member of proven networks:

  • Strategic Consultancy and Planning
  • Benchmarks
  • Market Studies and Demand Analyses
  • Development of Services in the field of mobility
  • Advisory in implementation processes, projekt management
  • Controlling of Results

Interested? I look forward to your inquiry.