Brilliant Expertise in the Field of Public Transport

Welcome to inno-mobil mobility solutions – Dipl.-Eng. Jens Gertsen. My services cover strategic consultancy, concepts and planning in the field of public transport infra-structure, services and fares. I am committed to provide a unique mix of hands-on experience and consultancy skills for transport undertakings and public bodies.

f.l.t.r.: Jens Gertsen, Jens Gertsen and Jens GertsenCompetencies are based on more than 25 years of professional experience and integrate many insights on Public Transportation:

Urban and Transportation Planner
3 years of professional experience at a German federal transport authority, contributions to professional organisations. Experienced in project development with political, administrative, public and private stakeholders

Public Transport Practitioner
worked for 6 yrs. on board of European train services and in urban networks, heavy user of public transport facilities – dedicated to consider passengers’ views and develop viable concepts for attractive services

Certified Management Consultant
8 years of professional experience as assistant to the CEO and head of a business unit at a German Rail-owned consultancy, 2,5 years experience as project manager at a top management consultancy, since 2010 self-employed at inno-mobil. Certified Management Consultant according to ICMCI standards. Your Partner to develop processes and strategies for improved quality and efficiency

I look forward to provide independent expert advice or take over complex projects with a proven network of partners  – just follow this link for inquiries.